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Wotofo Trick Team Competition Guide


We are excited to announce the launch of our Trick Team Program here. First, we would like to give you a little background of this program. Though “Vape” had been seen as the word of 2014 since its definition was first added into the Oxford Dictionaries, the development of vape culture remained slow. To help spread the culture, we decide to build a trick team and hope all you enthusiastic vapers will come audition for the Wotofo Trick Team!


Competition Schedule

Open Audition, ends on Jan 10, 2019, 32 remain.

Top 32 candidates will be chosen by video votes to enter the battle rounds.

Announcement will be published on Jan 11, 2019.


Round of 32, Jan 14 – Feb 26, 2019, 16 remain.

The 32 candidates will be divided into 4 groups randomly, with 8 candidates in each group, every group has one week’s time. 4 candidates with most votes will remain in each group, 16 candidates in total will remain in this round.

Final result: 15 candidates remain in this round.


Round of 15, Mar 1 - Mar 21, 2019, 6 remain.

The 15 candidates will be divided into 3 groups randomly, with 5 candidates in each group, every group has one week’s time. 2 candidates with most votes will remain in each group, 6 candidates in total will remain in this round.


Top 4 (Ranking finals), Mar 28 - Apr 6, 2019, 4 winners.

The 6 candidates will be in one group and competing against each other. The candidate with top 4 votes will be our winners.


Announcement of Winners & Ranks will be published on Apr 8, 2019.


Rules and Requirements

  1. All entrants must be of legal smoking age.
  2. All submitted videos should be about vape tricks.
  3. All submitted videos should be at least 40 seconds long.
  4. No same videos are allowed in different rounds.
  5. All competitors remained to the next around are determined strictly by the number of votes.
  6. Multiple videos from the same account in each round are allowed, but only the one with most votes counts.
  7. Make sure your passport has at least 1 year validity for foreign travel. (this is important for the prize you may get)


How To Win

It’s very simple.

  1. Create an account at (Tips: Fill in all of the fields on the registration page. An audition profile with full information is always the key to get trust and earn more votes.)
  2. Log in to your account and submit your entry video which needs to be at least 1 minute long.
  3. Share your video links and ask people to vote as much as you can, cuz the number of votes for the video is the main criteria. Always share your video when there is new.
  4. Make use of our promotional materials, for example, the competition posters. Put your profile photo and name on it to customize it and share it through your social networks, and ask your friends to help share it more, thus earn more votes.



All 4 winners will get the same prizes below.

  1. Invitation to The Vaper Expo UK 2019 in May, show off your vape tricks on stage there. Costs on Wotofo.
  2. Product endorsement, mass production of the product with your name on it.
  3. Become a member of Wotofo Trick Team and get one year contract as our brand endorser.



Come and audition via this link here. Hope to see you there!

If you have any questions, contact this email:


Jessica is the content writer at Wotofo. Her road to the vaping industry began in 2015 when she’s trying to help her friend quit smoking. Being curious about how e-cigarettes work, she searched for all information online and offline. Somehow, one thing led to another, she left her old job and got a job as a product copywriter in an online vape distributor company where she had chances to access all kinds of vape products. Now she’s at Wotofo and focusing her energy on producing helpful content for vapers.

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