Save Big With Wotofo Discounts Before Chinese New Year

Hello, smart vapers! It’s near Chinese New Year now. With Shenzhen being the center of vape manufacturers, the headquarter of ecig industry, a very common knowledge is that all the manufacturers are going to have a temporary closure of business during the Spring Festival. So now is the best time to buy some new devices or restock for your vape accessories before you run out. And here at Wotofo, we made the offers below (discounts, free shipping opportunity and more) to help you save huge on vaping!!

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Double 11 --> Thanksgiving --> Black Friday --> Cyber Monday

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So Halloween is officially over, but deals never stop at Wotofo. November is the cue for everyone to turn on his/her shopping mode, and Wotofo is here ready to offer HUGE bargains before Black Friday, on Black Friday, and extends it to EVERYDAY!


Double 11 Sale

First, let’s prep your holidays up by the Double 11 Sale, China’s Largest Online Shopping Day. The Double 11 Sale starts at 0:00 on Nov. 11, Beijing Time. Keep it in mind, this surprise-loaded sale starts at 0:00 by Beijing Time! How surprise-loaded is it? See the deals below.


Limited Mystery Grab Bags

Mystery Grab Bag at Wotofo is nothing new now. We’ve got tons of positive feedbacks on it every Friday in the past, as it’s the Friday gift from Wotofo for vapers. This time, for the big Double 11 Sale, we’ll offer 20 bags at the price of $11.11 each for the first 20 vapers who can get the surprises fast enough. So, some of you may have noticed that the price goes from $9.9 to $11.11 this time, but don’t be disappointed too soon, cuz the surprise is bigger now! Don’t think twice, just get it at 0:00 sharp. It’s worth it. Again, it’s Beijing Time.



Limited Coupon Codes

This starts exactly the same time as the one above. Let me explain. Here we’ll offer 4 different discount codes openly, but every code has limited number of uses, so that means the ones who can make the payments with the code within its use limits get the discount and the slower payments lose the discount. Get it? The discount codes and their respective use limits are below:


50% OFF Code: WOTOFO50 (valid number of uses: 3)

40% OFF Code: WOTOFO40 (valid number of uses: 10)

30% OFF Code: WOTOFO30 (valid number of uses: 20)


In case you miss the above chances, here’s an unlimited code!

20% OFF Code: WOTOFO20 (No Limits!!!)


Free Gifts

For each order paid on Nov. 11, we’ll send a box of “Wotofo Agleted Organic Cotton 3mm” with your order FOR FREE.

For orders paid above $100 on Nov. 11, we’ll send a Wotofo Warrior RDA with your order FOR FREE.


So that’s it, the very first Double 11 Sale at Wotofo!


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Jessica is the content writer at Wotofo. Her road to the vaping industry began in 2015 when she’s trying to help her friend quit smoking. Being curious about how e-cigarettes work, she searched for all information online and offline. Somehow, one thing led to another, she left her old job and got a job as a product copywriter in an online vape distributor company where she had chances to access all kinds of vape products. Now she’s at Wotofo and focusing her energy on producing helpful content for vapers.

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