5 Factors That Affect Vape Flavors of a RDA

Top Vape Flavors may be the most attractive factor inside an atomizer, the quality and quantity of it may convince a smoker to switch into vaping but also gives to us, people that vapes every day a better experience.

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The Wotofo Massive Viral Vape Giveaway Competition-All the Winners

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Each day during the contest period, one daily winner will be chosen to get one of the following prizes randomly:

Serpent SMM, Bravo RTA or Recurve RDA.



Day 1:

Name: Jesse premo ,Email : Jesseprexxxxxx@gmail.com

Day 2: Adam White  ,Email: adamwhixxxxxx@gmail.com

Day 3: keinosuke Fukami ,Email: eastgoldxxxxxx@gmail.com

Day 4: Mikhail Velikanov ,Email: mixxxxxx@gmail.com

Day 5: Joe Hellriegel ,Email: bajxxxxxx@gmail.com

Day 6:Matthew Adams ,Email: Matthew.adaxxxxxx@gmail.com

Day 7:Daniel Pereira ,Email: danielpexxxxxx@gmail.com

Day 8:Wing Yee Kwok ,Email: kwokwingyxxxxxx@hotmail.com

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Day 12:Lukman Hakim ,Email: lukmanhakixxxxxx@gmail.com

Day 13:Christina LeVoy ,Email: christinxxxxxx@gmail.com

Day 14:Neo ,Email: nexx@free.fr

Day 15:Caleb Shaw ,Email: reviewslixxxxxx@gmail.com

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Day 17:Tiffany Sheets ,Email: footballangxxxxxx@gmail.com

Day 18:Simas Danauskas ,Email: Simasbxxxxxx@gmail.com

Day 19:Ron Inman ,Email: drraggoxxxx@hotmail.com

Day 20:Ant Allen ,Email: Lilasiaxxxx@yahoo.com

Day 21:Jp Durand ,Email: mimirxxxx@live.fr

Day 22:Tyler A  ,Email: Redtaxxx@yahoo.com

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Day 29:Fernando Camino ,Email: chachoxxxxxx@gmail.com

Day 30:Jared Burton ,Email: jbuxxxxxx@outlook.com


Ranking Winners: 

1 first prize winner:

Ernest Zimuš ,Email: ernestaxxxxxx@gmail.com

2 second prize winners:

Krisztian Manya ,Email: manyak.xxxxxx@gmail.com

Miguel Vargas ,Email: miki_xxx@hotmail.com

5 third prize winners :

Mantas Dirmeikis ,Email: Dmantxxxxxx@gmail.com

Elischer laszlo ,Email: Elischer.xxxxxx@gmail.com

Karolis ,Email: karolis.lisauskaxxxxxx@gmail.com

Billie Bernal ,Email: Bjnalexxxxxxx@gmail.com

Sergio Armando Diaz Mortera ,Email: scarxxxx@hotmail.com


Entry Winners:

 7000-entry Winners:

Ernest Zimuš, Krisztian Manya, Miguel Vargas, Mantas Dirmeikis, Elischer laszlo,

Karolis, Billie Bernal, Sergio Armando Diaz Mortera, matt carter, 



4000-entry Winners:

Hèctor Alonso Benito, Muhammad Syafiq, Audrius Valtas, Frank Gergő, Kestutis Malskis


2000-entry Winners:

Martin Hattingh, Bartosz, Hamish Bowly, Mark San Gabriel, Muhammad Haziq Aiman,

Roy Hendriks, Drazen Pintaric, Dexter, Algirdas, Benito Cacciatore, 

Hanafi bin muahmmad halime, Tim lee


1000-entry Winners:

Sonja Holness, Boris M. Petrov, Peter Pique Jr, Dustin Bever, Eimantas Tiškus,

Vyacheslav Fomenko, Zsombor Deak, Jonas Rakuckis, Jennifer Batchelor,Benae 

Dustin Deutscher, Kuklis András, domas grabauskas, Matt Bailey, Leslie Paulin,

Rin, Adam White, Žygimantas, Kyle Belshe, Dina Berrett, Keith E Schnakenberg,

Tracey spence, Gražvydas, Arijus Miliauskas, Alberto Vicente O Santos,

Ádám Prohászka,Sam Hesketh, Ronald Hacha, Heather Jones, Szabolcs Nyak,

Kaja Mlinaric, Pablo vilallave villach, Krislatiy Vladislav, Kaitey Griffin, Eduardo Rivero

TwikStar, Clint Chard


We will email all the winners for shipping info.

Plz waiting with patience. #WOTOFAM


Contest Period: Nov 5, 2018 – Dec 5, 2018

Please note that all prizes will be shipped by E-post after the contest ends, and before Dec 12th. No prize delivery during the contest period. 

Thanks for your understanding!

(If you have any issues with your entries,pls send emails to marketing@wotofotech.com)






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