5 Factors That Affect Vape Flavors of a RDA

Top Vape Flavors may be the most attractive factor inside an atomizer, the quality and quantity of it may convince a smoker to switch into vaping but also gives to us, people that vapes every day a better experience.

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Mesh Atomizer Game Changer, Wotofo Profile RDA

When we went to work on the Wotofo Profile RDA, we wanted to do something different.


We know that several companies have tried mesh atomizer in the past with varying degrees of success when it comes to rebuildable atomizers. We wanted to take that idea and run with it.


The Profile RDA was designed to give the user maximum flavor. With 19 airflow holes on each side of the barrel, we wanted to make sure that you would have smooth airflow while at the same time tasting all the different nuances of the juice that you are using. This type of airflow also gives the user a wide range of airflow choices. 

The interior of the barrel has a conical design that also supports superior flavor. The machining on the Profile is top-notch. The barrel is also easily locked into place so your RDA does not spin when taking it off your mod or while adjusting and fine tuning your airflow. 

The Profile RDA has two clamps that allow the user to use a mesh strip or a traditional style coil. Both clamps are controlled by a beefy Phillips head screw. The clamps measure 7 mm by 2 mm apiece. The bottom of the deck sports a 5 mm deep juice well.


What Makes The Profile Different With All The Other Mesh RDA’s?


1. Pre-cut Mesh Style Coil

The first thing that distinguishes the Wotofo Profile from all of the other mesh atomizers are the mesh strips that come in your packaging.


  • They are pre-cut strips that measure 16 by 6.8 mm.
  • They are made out of Kanthal and ohm out at .18 ohms.
  • They have a power range of 45 to 65 watts.

Because these are pre-cut it makes building on the Profile as simple as can be! Not only are these mesh strips extremely simple to work with what they have a coil life that is much greater than a traditional coil.


They tend to stay cleaner than a traditional coil and even if they do get a little gunked up, they are extremely easy to clean. Simply heat them up(at 15W-20W wattage) and brush them off. We even include a bending tool in the packaging so your mesh coil will have the perfect arc for maximum flavor.



2. Spring-loaded Ceramic Platform

One of the biggest downfalls of most mesh RDA’s is when the user experiences a dry hit.

It is particularly brutal on a mesh atomizer because of all the surface area. That surface area will get you great flavor but when you dry hit it, it is not a pleasant experience.



Wotofo wanted to correct that and we came up with an ingenious idea.


A dry hit on an atomizer usually occurs when a piece of cotton is not in contact with the heating element. To guard against this we created a spring-loaded ceramic platform that your cotton can rest on.


This spring-loaded platform ensures that your cotton is always in contact with the surface area of the heating element. This significantly decreases the chances of a dry hit from the Profile RDA. The spring-loaded platform also makes this an extremely easy atomizer to wick.




Not only will the spring-loaded ceramic platform insure against dry hit but it will provide the vaper with mind blowing flavor. It does that by ensuring that the cotton is always in contact with all of the surface area of the strip. This will give you much more flavor and you will notice layers of flavor in your juice that you never noticed before.

wotofo_profile rda_donilesmanaa


3. The Mesh Coil Actually Holding Its Shape Over Time

We put a lot of work into the development of this heating element. We wanted to maximize your surface area so you would get better flavor. We also wanted to make it extremely easy to work with as well as durable.


We tested other mesh coil atomizers that are on the market today and we noticed that a lot of them had a problem with the mesh actually holding its shape. This affected the flavor and  contributed to the dreaded mesh coil dry hit.


When we came up with the idea for this heating element one of our main goals was to make sure that it actually holds its shape over time. We feel like we have accomplished that goal. When you use our Mesh strips you get flavor and durability.


The Profile RDA also takes a massive amount of cotton.  This lets the user take quite a few puffs before the cotton is actually dry.


profile_rda_vaping_gifIn fact when we were testing it we were able to get 25-30 puffs at 75 watts before we started to get any dry hits. Because of the amount of juice that the cotton holds, you will also get better flavor off of the Profile RDA. You will also spend less time dripping and squonking which equals more time vaping. 



Because of all the reasons stated above we believe we have a game-changer on our hands!


Go out and get yourself a Wotofo Profile RDA and we are very confident that you'll agree with us. Once you try the Profile RDA, you'll understand why we think it's the best mesh atomizer on the market today.



 " Profile RDA is the GAME CHANGER! " 

                            ----- By RiP Trippers



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